Entry #14

Flash Shadowgate Republished

2014-02-20 09:01:35 by larrymcduck

Flash Shadowgate is back! I had to fix a bug that was causing issues for Newgrounds servers. Enjoy the game here!


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2014-02-20 10:21:00

Awesome ^^

larrymcduck responds:



2014-05-23 23:49:03

So glad to finally have it back on. Love playing it.

larrymcduck responds:

Sucked that it was taken down for a little while, hopefully all issues have been resolved!


2014-09-24 15:20:00

Great flash adaption! A few suggestions though to make it more true to the original.

1) The NES version allowed you to leap into the fire or oil in the fire drake room.
2) The NES version allowed you to leap into the lava in the "Motari Riseth" statue room.
3) The spell "Illumina" was only required in order to enter the left hand passage in the gargoyle room.

Those are the only glaring issues that stood out during my initial playthrough.

larrymcduck responds:

I'll look into these issues. Thanks for the review!